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"I want to thank you for your book! It is the most balanced I think I have read and I have read a LOT of parenting books. I appreciate your emphasis on building a relationship with your child while not throwing out the discipline of first-time, cheerful obedience. I decided to try Kathleen's little "game" with my four-year-old daughter. I told her, "If God lined up all the little 4-year-old girls and I could only pick one, etc. "She loved it! A few days later, she crawled up into my lap and said spontaneously, "If God lined up all the mommies in the world and I could only pick one, I'd pick the one with the nice smile and the green shirt." Ah! Those are the moments I live for. :-) Thanks again for your helpful book."
-Jennifer, mother of 2, Akron, OH

"Premeditated Parenting is a phenomenal guide for parents who want to implement God's teaching on parenting into their families. Our family has been transformed by Steve Nelson's direct approach of digging into the Word and applying the Bible's wisdom to training up our kids. We now feel equipped with a Godly vision for our family and confident that we are following the Lord's plan. The Biblical, practical wisdom offered in this book takes the mystery out of parenting. It brings us back to the basics of what the Lord says about first being a God fearing, God seeking parent and then raising kids who will deeply love and eagerly serve the Lord. We are so thankful for the peace and joy in our home that only comes from obedience to God's Word and we are forever grateful for the Nelsons' example and willingness to live out the Bible's truth."
Heather Bonnell, mother of 3 boys, Greeley, CO

"My husband brought home your book on parenting and I quickly “scarfed it down”! I must say it is EXCELLENT, straight-forward, tactful, balanced, humorous, scriptural—all with our biblical purpose of winning and training our kids in the home and winning and training disciples for Christ. Right on! It re-encouraged my heart in all areas of child-training with well-put conviction of the truth. I don’t think anyone has the “whole package” of biblical parenting that is correct and balanced in one book. So, thanks for looking to God for your wisdom—it shows through what you have penned on paper—for His glory! I’ll definitely be giving them out. The entire discipline section is PRACTICAL, well laid out and right on! (and very thorough!) I’m sure it was difficult to put together, knowing the sensitive issues for parents. You directed my heart to the Lord and His Word, and challenged me once again to stay on the parenting course."
Lori, mother of five, CO

"Excellent! Filled with tons of practical wisdom.  All kinds of real life application.  I thought it was sound everywhere.  I am happy you did not get off on rabbit trails, but stuck to the basics of discipline and instruction and guidance and training... I loved it..."
- Rick Whitney, pastor, author of Growing up Whitney, father of seven, Commerce City, CO  

"We were not disappointed! Steve delivers 221 pages of solid, Biblical parenting advice...The focus of the book is on the parenting foundations of love, training, and discipline. While Steve clearly shares what the Bible says about the tough topic of discipline, he more than emphasizes the necessity of loving relationships and spiritual and character training. This book is a very balanced, contemporary, and engaging read for a new generation of Christian parents."
- Cynthia Carrier, co-founder of the Balanced-Family Resource Center, co-author of the Values-Driven Family, and homeschooling mother of five children, Stafford Springs, CT

"I was recently asked to review this book for a Women's Center where I regularly volunteer, and as a parent of a ten month old, I took the assignment quite seriously. By the time I was halfway through chapter one, I found myself taking notes! This book is truly a great resource for parents.

Perhaps what impressed me most about this book is that it gives hope. In the information age in which we live, parenting can be a daunting task as we muddle through the many different theories on parenting, discipline, psychology, etc. We almost feel like we're destined to warp our children in some way before they can even talk. However, Steve's clear ideas and biblical references caused me to find myself actually getting excited all over again about being a Mom!

For example, I found it so helpful that at its core, Steve narrowed Christian parenting down to this: to teach our children to love. He explained that keeping this goal in mind simplifies a lot of parenting questions, such as, "Is it okay for my kids to fight all the time?" or "Is it alright for my child to tell me he hates me?" Steve isn't arguing that we should tell our children to bury their emotions; rather, they need to learn to express them in loving ways. Because plain and simple, it's NOT loving for kids to constantly be at each other's throats, and it's certainly not loving to tell anyone you hate them. I found such clear advice a breath of fresh air.

All in all, I highly recommend this book to any parents who, like me, love their children with all their hearts but feel somewhat in the dark about the job of parenting. This book offers excellent advice, encouragement, and hope."
- Dana from CO

"I just recently started reading your book. I have read a ton of parenting books through the years. Yours is the best I have ever come across by far. So far I am so blown away by it! Thanks so much for the labor of love in writing this. I will definitely work to get this into as many hands as possible."
- Tom, Ministry director, Ft. Collins, CO

"I only have one complaint about your book. Why didn't you write it 22 years ago?"
- Jan, mother of four (nearly grown) children, Greeley, CO

"I believe you offer the most balanced and practical treatment of Biblical parenting available in print."
- Marc Carrier, co-founder of the Balanced-Family Resource Center, co-author of the Values-Driven Family, father of five children, Stafford Springs, CT

"I’ve really liked reading the Premeditated Parenting book.  I like that it is powerfully packed with scripture, it is warm, it is real, and it gives life to both parents and kiddos alike.   It is one of those books that will be on the nightstand, ready for a read, and not on the shelf just sitting pretty – many thanks for writing it!"
- Stacy, mother of four, Ft. Collins, CO

"Just wanted to comment on your book... It was a very easy read and I loved it. It was great to see your Scriptural basis for the way that you parent... Thanks for your insight and for writing the book. Although we share the same view on parenting/disciplining, I feel like I learned a GREAT deal from your book!!!"
- Melody, mother of 3, Mansfield, TX

"I liked it better than Shepherding a Child's Heart."
- Terese, mother of five, Loveland, CO

"Whenever I pick up a parenting book, I always wonder, “Do these people know what they are talking about, do they even have any kids?” Well, my family had the privilege of spending a few days with the Nelson family this summer. During that time we took their 6 children to the park to give Steve and Kathleen some time alone. Within 10 minutes the kids had fanned out, learned the name of every child on the playground and were involved in helping them all play well together. The rest of my time there showed me in so many ways that they are faithfully putting into practice the things they teach in this book. This book is very well written and contains true wisdom. If you apply it, it will bring you a family that will be a source of joy and satisfaction. If you read this and have any doubts about that, believe me, it will work - I have seen it in action."
- Charlie Meyer, pastor, father of four, Lakeville, MN

"I so needed the encouragement and reminders of parenting. I had grown weary of other authors and at first thought - not another book, but the words jumped off the page and restarted my engine. Your words and my thinking are very like-minded. Praise God!"
- Laurie, mother of 4, Brownsburg, IN

"I was given a copy of your book yesterday and I just finished it. It is so full of wonderful helps... "Premeditated Parenting" gave me some hope about what we/I've been doing right and helped me get some great ideas about what we/I could improve on. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the prayer, time and effort that went into its writing... I'm sure there are many other parents out there, like me, who are very grateful, as well!"
- Rachel, Coralville, IA

"There is a quiet crisis in Christian parenting that cannot be ignored. In large numbers, kids growing up in "good" Christian homes are not having a positive impact on our world. Steve has written an excellent, easy to read, and very practical book about how our parenting must be intentional or "premeditated". We have to see what the target is and take steps to shape our kids into godly men and women.
"This is a collection of small, straightforward articles that will challenge and encourage you. This is not theory or abstract theology, it deals with the practicals of being a parent that wants to 'win' with your kids!
"I know Steve and Kathleen and I know their kids. You need to read this book!"
- Doug Dale, father of 3 boys, Greeley, CO

"It was encouraging in a painful sort of way." :-)
- Morgan, mother of 2, Denver, CO

"I think this book is great and I think other women will really enjoy it. It is very clear and easy to read. I like the short sections that allowed me to pick it up and put it down as needed. I’d love to even be able to pick it up in the morning and read one short section as my thought to work on for the day with the kids.
"I thought it was very biblically based and the Scripture that ran through every section was helpful. I think it is a great foundation for parenting...
"I can’t wait to own my own copy and have some to give away. Thanks for letting me [proof-]read it—I have been inspired!"
- Amy, homeschool mother of 3 boys, Greeley, CO

"This was an excellent book in my opinion! It was very encouraging and I think it really speaks to the heart of parenting"
- Bridget, homeschool mother of 2, Greeley, CO

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