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I've always wanted a parenting book that was strong, but not obnoxiously so. Some books seem to water down God's truth, and others seem to take unnecessarily extreme positions on insignificant issues like potty training. I've also wanted a good overview - particularly one that covered love and discipline rather than one or the other. Of course, I also desired a book that captured the heart of the things that have been important to Kathleen and me. I wanted lots of Scripture.

There are a lot of good parenting books, but I've struggled to find quite what I was looking for. I hope that "Premeditated Parenting" will be a be a book helps meet that need. I hope it helps your family, and that you will pass it on to your friends.

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An audio version of the book is also available. Now available in audio format on 7CDs - 5 1/2 hours unabridged - Read by the author (CDs are on CD-Rs, so you need to have CD-R playback capability as is the case with most newer CD players)
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