31: The Cultural Recipe for the Perfect Match

Here’s a little food for thought on teenage relationships. It’s a satirical article written by Charlie Meyer who pastors at Evergreen Community Church, which is one of our sister Great Commission churches in Lakeville, Minnesota.

The Cultural Recipe for the Perfect Match
By Charlie Meyer

Take 6-18 young, tender, hormonally charged children. Prepare by removing moral beliefs and all respect for adults. Blend together sex education, MTV and internet. Marinate children 3-6 yrs in “their room”. Place together in an automobile one male and one female. Add just a dash of clothing and park in dark place for several hours at a time along with government supplied contraceptives. Add alcohol or other stimulants to taste. Let simmer. Each 1-6 months, remove one child and replace with different one of same sex from pool. In this fashion rotate all children through car in various combinations. Repeat for 6-10 years. Children are now ready to marry as many times as needed.

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